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Survey of working equines in Kurdistan

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

With the support of SPANA, KOARP conducted a survey of working equines in Kurdistan and took our mobile clinic across the Duhok province.

Dr Tameer checking over a young working donkey with some help!

In collaboration with our partner SPANA, KOARP conducted a survey of working equines in the Duhok province of Kurdistan. The mobile clinic went too, and we provided free treatment and community training in 39 villages.

The Survey

Across the 39 villages surveyed there were:

  • 179 farmers with working animals

  • 74 of those farmers are IDP (internally displaced people or refugees)

  • 105 host communities in the Duhok province

  • The number of working animals were:

    • 130 donkeys

    • 41 horses

    • 6 mules

    • 2 camels

Free Veterinary Treatment

KOARP provided free veterinary care to all the animals surveyed, including external and internal anti-parasite medication (Permethrin spray, Albendazole boluses and Overmectina). We also cleaned and cared for any wounds using Povidin (iodine), tetracycline spray and antibiotics, as well as distributing multivitamins and minerals to weak animals. We also performed hoof checking and cleaning for farmers.


Education is at the heart of KOARP's mission and we also distributed brochures advising owners on the proper respect, care and management needed to maintain the well being of working donkeys. When the farmers had time, we also presented some information on equine breeding, food management, leash use, saddle use, hoof care and grooming, amongst other important issues.

Given the number of calls we received and could not attend due to coronavirus, we also tried to give basic medical advice to farmers to help them gain confidence in dealing with problems without immediate veterinary assistance.

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