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The Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection is a professional, volunteer, non-profit NGO dedicated to the welfare and protection of animals in the Kurdistan Region. KOARP was founded in 2009 by Dr Sulaiman Tamer, a veterinary surgeon that grew up in Kurdistan and developed a deep compassion for animals he saw day to day. Dr Tamer funds the majority of KOARP's work himself, with additional funding coming from small grants and much needed donations. 

There are currently no laws protecting animals in Kurdistan, and no infrastructure to protect, rescue or provide veterinary care to working animals or strays. KOARP advocates for animals to receive protection under the law and works with local communities to provide essential veterinary care and education. We strongly disagree with the current methods used to control stray animal populations, including the distribution of poisoned meat, and are widely promoting more humane methods.


KOARP is the only animal welfare organisation in Kurdistan and we aim to monitor and improve the welfare of strays, working animals, and animals in slaughterhouses, pet shots, markets and zoos. We also rescue and rehome abandoned animals as much as we can, using our personal cars and the goodwill of locals. KOARP monitor local wildlife and their habitats throughout the year, writing reports on native animals and recording infectiour diseases and hunting levels.


One of our dreams is to acquire an area of land and attract investors to build an animal clinic and rehoming shelter. Discussion on appropriate locations are on-going but have been delayed by several economic crises and chronic instability across Iraq. 

The founder of KOARP, Dr Sulaiman Tameer, talking KOARP and animal rights in a place with limited human rights


Ten years ago, our organization sought to highlight the lack of protection for animals in street farming, slaughterhouses, scientific colleges, laboratories, hunting, transportation, zoos, circuses, shelters and pet shops.


We prepared a draft law which was repeatedly sent to the Kurdistan Region parliament and Iraqi Parliament for approval. However, until the beginning of 2019, no positive action had been taken. This draft law has now passed two essential steps and has been passed to the High Commissioner in the Ministry of Justice for consideration.


We plan to maintain pressure on parliament, and demonstrate the alternatives available for humane disease and animal control. We have a real opportunity to introduce the first animal welfare laws in Iraq and change the conditions for millions of animals throughout the country.


Our Mission

The main goals of KOARP are:


To raise public awareness of animal welfare and environmental protection issues in Kurdistan and to facilitate educational programs and workshops

To advocate for the drafting of laws protecting animals in the Kurdistan region

To advise on and conduct humane stray animal control measures, including catch and release neutering programs

To rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abused and abandoned animals

To protect local wildlife and their habitats throughout Kurdistan

To author independent reports on local animal use and populations across the region

Our Mission

Our Vision

Volunteers for KOARP share a common vision for Kurdistan. We seek to create a region that values animal rights and conservation. We strongly believe that animals and habitats should have protection under the law, and that education is vital in developing a compassionate society.

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