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KOARP called to help with endangered Persian leopard

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

An engangered Persian leopard was sadly trapped in a leg snare in Zahko

Dr Tameer treats a Persian leopard after it was sadly caught in a leg snare

An endagered Persian leopard was treated by Dr Tameer after it was injured by a leg snare. Officials reported that the leopard had been caught in a snare after local villagers complained that it had attacked livestock. The leopard went through a terrible ordeal and a long trip to Duhok zoo for treatment. We had hoped that this beautiful animal would be returned to the wild, as Persian leopards are endagered and their population continues to decrease.

Unfortunately, despite everyone's best efforts, the leopard's leg was amputated. An expert in wildlife vet, Dr Imam, generously agreed to help and to supervise the leopard's medical care. Sadly the leopard would no longer be able to successfully hunt and survive in the wild, and the decision was made that it would not be suitable for a rehabilitation and release.

It is hoped that once the leopard has recovered he may be able to join a conservation programme in captivity and be an ambassador for it's species.

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