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Stray animal clinic

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

With the support of the Robin Hood Organisation we carried out a mobile clinic for stray animals across the Duhok province

Dr Tameer feeding and treating stray dogs in the beautiful Duhok province

With support from our partners in the Robin Hood Organisation we conducted several mobile clinics to help stray animals in the province. With their help we purchased and distributed numerous medicines, vaccines, vitamins and minerals, disinfectants and de worming medication.

We were able to treat:

  • 19 stray dogs

  • 32 stray cats

  • 7 birds

Most of those animals were given prophylactic treatments, including vaccinations and worming. We also treated broken bones, mange, eye infections and malnutrition. We were able to feed nearly 50 stray animals and a number of newborns.

Our daily contact with owners, farmers and animal lovers also allowed us to advise people on breeding, adopting and managing animals to keep them healthy and maintain their well-being.

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